Sharona Ginsberg



In February 2013, I founded MakerBridge with the goal of creating a community where makers, librarians, teachers, and other educators could share information and best practices. The project began with a website built in Drupal. In the early stages, I reached out to various colleagues, who agreed to lend their help and expertise. Eventually, the MakerBridge team was narrowed to four main collaborators (me, Kristin Fontichiaro, Emily Mitchell, and Ayla Stein).

Since then, MakerBridge has expanded in many directions. We soon launched a blog, which is updated weekly, where the team reflects on news and ideas in the field while sharing knowledge and advice. MakerBridge is also on Twitter, where we have managed to build a large community, and where we encourage interaction, reaching out to our followers and helping them get the information they need. There are currently plans in the works for integrating a resources database into the site, as well as expanding to other forms of social media to reach a wider audience.

Members of the MakerBridge team have attended various maker faires and maker events to report on them; in 2013, Maker Faire Detroit invited us to attend as official press. We have been asked to review products for our blog, and recently, I was interviewed by Publishers Weekly and Consumer Electronics Association on the maker movement in libraries. The team has also shared information about MakerBridge at a number of conferences, including our poster session at the Library Information Technology Association Conference in November 2013.