Sharona Ginsberg


Badging the OELMA 2012 Conference

In October 2012, I collaborated with members of the Michigan Makers group to design a system of digital and physical badges for the Ohio Educational Library Media Association (OELMA) Conference.

With this project, we set out to explore how badging can be used in a professional development setting to enhance learning and engagement, as well as to document the informal learning that takes place at conferences. We were also able to contribute valuable new data to the rapidly-developing field of digital badging.

Before the conference, we planned our badging system, designed badges, and created informational material to distribute to conference planners, presenters, and attendees. During the conference, we staffed a table to ensure the process ran smoothly, to collect feedback, and to share information about badging with those who wanted to learn more.

Learn more about this project by visiting the OELMA Badging Project information site.
View the badges we created by visiting our OELMA badge profile.