Sharona Ginsberg


Quasi-Con 2013

Quasi-Con is an annual student-led quasi-conference hosted by the ALA student chapter at the University of Michigan. It combines the format of a participant-driven unconference with traditional talks and panels.

As vice president of the student chapter, I collaborated in planning and running Quasi-Con 2013, held on February 2nd. I worked closely with fellow officers and the Quasi-Con Planning Committee to finalize logistics, such as room reservation, scheduling, parking, catering, technology needs, and so on. I helped ensure the conference was carried out smoothly and dealt with troubleshooting any issues that arose on the day it was held.

In addition, I worked as part of the Quasi-Con Badging Committee along with Shauna Masura and Victoria Lungu to develop a system of digital badges, which helped generate excitement and encourage participation in the conference. Attendees were able to nominate others for badges to recognize their skills, or could submit their own work and reflections to earn content generation badges. During the conference, I helped staff the badging table to answer questions and assist attendees with nominations or claiming badges. See the badges we designed here.

I also worked together with Caroline Mossing, Victoria Lungu, and Terence O'Neill to present a panel at Quasi-Con about makerspaces and how they can factor into a variety of different library settings. A recording of our panel can be found here.